Network Security

Instructor Haojin Zhu
Office: SEIEE 3-509
TA Shaofeng Li (
Location Room 207, Chen Ruiqiu Building
Lecture Time 14:00-16:45, Thursday, Week 1-11

Course Outline

  • Learn some fundamental and advanced issues, concepts, principles, and mechanisms in network security
  • Learn recent research advances in network security
  • Prepare for graduate research in network security



Date Lecture Topic Slides
28 Feb Fundamental and Emerging Topics in Network Security Slide01-Introduction.pdf
28 Feb Cryptography Basics
7 March Cryptographic Hash Functions And Message Authentication Slide03-Hash_MAC.pdf
14 March Networking Overview Slide04.pptx
14 March Link-, IP-, and TCP-layer attacks Slide05.pptx
21 March Web Security Slide06-Web_Security.pdf
28 March WAP2 Security Slide07-WAP2_Security.pdf
4 April Privacy Slide08-Privacy.pdf


  • Program Analysis (蔡云翔、张亦弛、张磊、褚超群)
    • Automating Patching of Vulnerable Open-Source Software Versions in Application Binaries, NDSS 2019.
    • CodeAlchemist: Semantics-Aware Code Generation to Find Vulnerabilities in JavaScript Engines, NDSS 2019.
    • Asm2Vec: Boosting Static Representation Robustness for Binary Clone Search against Code Obfuscation and Compiler Optimization, S&P 2019.
    • LBM: A Security Framework for Peripherals within the Linux Kernel, S&P 2019.
    • Invetter: Locating Insecure Input Validations in Android Services, CCS 2018
    • Sensitive Information Tracking in Commodity IoT, USENIX 2018
    • Automated Binary Analysis on iOS – A Case Study on Cryptographic Misuse in iOS Applications, Wisec 2018
    • Spindle: Informed Memory Access Monitoring, USENIX 2018
  • Mobile Security (李晋雷、吴广雄、吴沛霖、孙随彬)
    • Please Forget Where I Was Last Summer: The Privacy Risks of Public Location (Meta)Data, NDSS 2019
    • Time Does Not Heal All Wounds: A Longitudinal Analysis of Security-Mechanism Support in Mobile Browsers, NDSS 2019
    • Geo-locating Drivers: A Study of Sensitive Data Leakage in Ride-Hailing Services, NDSS 2019
    • ClickShield: Are You Hiding Something? Towards Eradicating Clickjacking on Android, CCS 2018
    • Mobile Application Web API Reconnaissance: Web-to-Mobile Inconsistencies & Vulnerabilities, S&P 2018
    • Phishing Attacks on Modern Android, CCS 2018
    • Precise Android API Protection Mapping Derivation and Reasoning, CCS 2018
    • Invetter: Locating Insecure Input Validations in Android Services, CCS 2018
    • No Training Hurdles: Fast Training-Agnostic Attacks to Infer Your Typing, CCS 2018
    • PatternListener: Cracking Android Pattern Lock Using Acoustic Signals, CCS 2018
  • Electrical Cash and Smart Contracts (胡航、李亭君、汪申鹏、李婉怡)
    • A Treasury System for Cryptocurrencies: Enabling Better Collaborative Intelligence, NDSS 2019
    • Perun: Virtual Payment Hubs over Cryptocurrencies, S&P 2019
    • Fast Secure Multiparty ECDSA with Practical Distributed Key Generation and Applications to Cryptocurrency Custody, CCS 2018
    • MineSweeper: An In-depth Look into Drive-by Cryptocurrency Mining and Its Defense, CCS 2018
    • SECURIFY: Practical Security Analysis of Smart Contracts, CCS 2018
    • BitML: a calculus for Bitcoin smart contracts, CCS 2018
    • teEther: Gnawing at Ethereum to Automatically Exploit Smart Contracts, Usenix 2018
    • Enter the Hydra: Towards Principled Bug Bounties and Exploit-Resistant Smart Contracts, Usenix 2018
    • Arbitrum: Scalable, private smart contracts, Usenix 2018
    • Erays: Reverse Engineering Ethereum's Opaque Smart Contracts, Usenix 2018
  • Machine Learning Security (张瑞、陈一齐、李鼎基)
    • TextBugger: Generating Adversarial Text Against Real-world Applications, NDSS 2019
    • Practical Hidden Voice Attacks against Speech and Speaker Recognition Systems, NDSS 2019
    • Life after Speech Recognition: Fuzzing Semantic Misinterpretation for Voice Assistant Applications, NDSS 2019
    • DEEPSEC: A Uniform Platform for Security Analysis of Deep Learning Model, S&P 2019
    • Exploiting Unintended Feature Leakage in Collaborative Learning, S&P 2019
    • LEMNA: Explaining Deep Learning based Security Applications, CCS 2018
    • Effective Program Debloating via Reinforcement Learning, CCS 2018
    • Turning Your Weakness Into a Strength: Watermarking Deep Neural Networks by Backdooring, Usenix 2018
  • Web Security (钱恺宸、丁天琛、彭喆、王伟烽)
    • Measuring and Analyzing Search Engine Poisoning of Linguistic Collisions, S&P 2019
    • Master of Web Puppets: Abusing Web Browsers for Persistent and Stealthy Computation, NDSS 2019
    • JavaScript Template Attacks: Automatically Inferring Host Information for Targeted Exploits, NDSS 2019
    • Latex Gloves: Protecting Browser Extensions from Probing and Revelation Attacks, NDSS 2019
    • Fidelius: Protecting User Secrets from Compromised Browsers, S&P 2019
    • HOLMES: Real-Time APT Detection through Correlation of Suspicious Information Flows, S&P 2019
    • Deep Fingerprinting: Undermining Website Fingerprinting Defenses with Deep Learning, CCS 2018
    • DeepCorr: Strong Flow Correlation Attacks on Tor Using Deep Learning, CCS 2018
    • Measuring Information Leakage in Website Fingerprinting Attacks and Defenses, CCS 2018
  • IoT and Cyber-physical Security (吴嫣然、龚珊三、李佑群)
    • HoMonit: Monitoring Smart Home Apps from Encrypted Traffic, CCS 2018
    • If This Then What? Controlling Flows in IoT Apps, CCS 2018
    • IoTGuard: Dynamic Enforcement of Security and Safety Policy in Commodity IoT, NDSS 2019
    • SoK: Security Evaluation of Home-Based IoT Deployments, S&P 2019
    • Dangerous Skills: Understanding and Mitigating Security Risks of Voice-Controlled Third-Party Functions on Virtual Personal Assistant Systems, S&P 2019
    • Why Does Your Data Leak? Uncovering the Data Leakage in Cloud from Mobile Apps, S&P 2019
    • 6thSense: A Context-aware Sensor-based Attack Detector for Smart Devices, Usenix 2018
    • Rethinking Access Control and Authentication for the Home Internet of Things (IoT), Usenix 2018
  • Cybercriminal Security (邓若愚,刘汉卿,傅超豪,瞿文浩)
    • Cybercriminal Minds:An investigative study of cryptocurrency abuses in the Dark Web, NDSS 2019
    • Characterizing Pixel Tracking through the Lens of Disposable Email Services, S&P 2019
    • Resident Evil: Understanding Residential IP Proxy as a Dark Service, S&P 2019
    • Plug and Prey? Measuring the Commoditization of Cybercrime via Online Anonymous Markets, Usenix 2018
    • Reading Thieves' Cant: Automatically Identifying and Understanding Dark Jargons from Cybercrime Marketplaces, Usenix 2018
  • Side Channels Attack
    • Profit: Detecting and Quantifying Side Channels in Networked Applications, NDSS 2019
    • Privacy Attacks to the 4G and 5G Cellular Paging Protocols Using Side Channel Information, NDSS 2019
    • Attack Directories, Not Caches: Side Channel Attacks in a Non-Inclusive World, S&P 2019
    • Screaming Channels: When Electromagnetic Side Channels Meet Radio Transceivers, CCS 2018
    • Malicious Management Unit: Why Stopping Cache Attacks in Software is Harder Than You Think, Usenix 2018
    • Translation Leak-aside Buffer: Defeating Cache Side-channel Protections with TLB Attacks, Usenix 2018
  • Fuzzing and Deanonymization
    • NAUTILUS: Fishing for Deep Bugs with Grammars, NDSS 2019
    • Send Hardest Problems My Way: Probabilistic Path Prioritization for Hybrid Fuzzing, NDSS 2019
    • Fuzzing File Systems via Two-Dimensional Input Space Exploration, S&P 2019
    • Razzer: Finding Kernel Race Bugs through Fuzzing, S&P 2019
    • Evaluating Fuzz Testing, CCS 2018
    • Hawkeye: Towards a Desired Directed Grey-box Fuzzer, CCS 2018
    • MoonShine: Optimizing OS Fuzzer Seed Selection with Trace Distillation, Usenix 2018
    • QSYM : A Practical Concolic Execution Engine Tailored for Hybrid Fuzzing, Usenix 2018
  • Authentication and Protocol Security
    • BadBluetooth: Breaking Android Security Mechanisms via Malicious Bluetooth Peripherals, NDSS 2019
    • Understanding Open Ports in Android Applications: Discovery, Diagnosis, and Security Assessment, NDSS 2019
    • Touching the Untouchables: Dynamic Security Analysis of the LTE Control Plane, S&P 2019
    • Robust Performance Metrics for Authentication Systems, NDSS 2019
    • How to End Password Reuse on the Web, NDSS 2019
    • Blind Certificate Authorities, S&P 2019
    • The use of TLS in Censorship Circumvention, NDSS 2019
    • PASTA: Password-based Threshold Authentication, CCS 2018
  • Enterprise Security (吴峣、刘妍岑、王智成)
    • Digital Healthcare-Associated Infection: A Case Study on the Security of a Major Multi-Campus Hospital System, NDSS 2019
    • Mind Your Own Business: A Longitudinal Study of Threats and Vulnerabilities in Enterprises, NDSS 2019
    • NoDoze: Combatting Threat Alert Fatigue with Automated Provenance Triage, NDSS 2019
    • The Battle for New York: A Case Study of Applied Digital Threat Modeling at the Enterprise Level, Usenix 2018
    • SAQL: A Stream-based Query System for Real-Time Abnormal System Behavior Detection, Usenix 2018
  • Physical Layer Security (张柳明、Adnan Hajomer、张羽丰)
    • Key Distribution Based on Phase Fluctuation Between Polarization Modes in Optical Channel. IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, 2018
    • Physical Layer Cryptographic Key Generation by Exploiting PMD of an Optical Fiber Link. JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY, 2018
    • Physical Layer Secret Key Generation For Fiber-Optical Networks. Optics Express, 2013
    • Nirnimesh Ghose, Loukas Lazos and Ming Li, S&P 2018
    • HELP: Helper-Enabled In-Band Device Pairing Resistant Against Signal Cancellation, Usenix 2017
    • Location-restricted Services Access Control Leveraging Pinpoint Waveforming, CCS 2015

Important Dates