Si Yuan Ma

Undergraduate student

Shang Hai Jiao Tong University (CS Department)

I'm now a undergraduate student in Shang Hai Jiao Tong University. Two years ago, I start my research career with prof. Hao Jin Zhu. Currently, I focus on Android Security and Location Privcay.

Research Experience

  • Participation in Research Program (PRP) of Android Security

    My task was to analyze the android framework and proposed a solution to detect the permission used by android framework. At the end of this program, I finished the project successfully and got A score for this PRP.

  • Identify Location Information in Android System

    We proposed system called 'Brox' to indentify protential user privacy leaks in Android Applications. I was the leader of the research group about this topic and realized the 'Brox' system. Also, I conducted an experiment of testing 1,000 applications in Android and analyzed the experiment results. We had published the result of experiment as a paper of Globecom2013.

  • Profile-aware location privacy preserving platform

    We proposed a personalization privacy preserving framework using location context and user mobility pattern. I designed an system that will obfuscate location Informations which will be send to malicious application.

  • Privacy attacking model in mobile social network

    We detected a design flaw in the location-based social application and built an attacking model to retrieve the user’s location. I participated in the research group and implemented a defense mechanism of this attack, which will confounding user's location.

Teaching Experience

  • Teaching Assistent of Computer Organization Course

    As a teaching assistent, I designed a course experiment about mips cpu design and implemented a website that allowed students to upload their assignments.


  • Automaticlly Analyze Network Traffic of Android Advertisement Libraries System
  • Online Camera Capture System
  • A small C compiler, a project of Compiler Principle course.
  • Remote File System, a project of Operation System course.

Language Skill